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real life moment

Wednesday, Aug. 08, 2007
I tried calling him on Monday night to tell him I was done.

He called back on his way into work Tuesday morning.

At first I didn't want to ruin my day or his, so I didn't answer the phone. I was on the other line with someone when he called again. I listened to the messages.

Message #1
"I think you called me last night. On my way to work. Call me."

Message #2
"I listed to the message and yes, you did call. What exactly is so crystal clear? Answer your fucking phone."

I didn't care about ruining his day anymore and hit his name still programmed on my speed dial.

"First off, don't you ever leave me a message like that ever again. Don't tell me to answer the fucking phone. I was on the other line."

"I was trying to be funny."

"It wasn't funny. You had a tone."

"It's just because I haven't had my coffee yet."

"Well then, don't ever call me again until you do. So here's what's crystal clear, my love for you is too big. I don't want to lock it up or control it. You want to be free, you should go be free."

"Huh. Really. (long pause) I'll have a grande almond mocha please,"

"We're just too angry at each other right now."

As he's paying for his beverage, "I'll call you later."

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