It's just life
I want life in every word to the extent that it's absurd.


Saturday, Jul. 28, 2007
Right now our absence from each other is breaking us more than it's making us. But I think it would have happened if you were here. I think you have a choice to make: the girl you have future plans with or the fantasy relationships that exist only in their heads--so you say.

I've let you get by too many times. I've put my blinders on and ignored all the "I love you" sentiments you dole out like candy on Halloween to all the girls who do not know who you really are. I do it because I believe in future us. I do it because I secretly want believe love does conquer all.

The thing I'm most angry about is how you're fucking stupid and easily caught. I didn't even have to try.

The thing that makes me cry every day since you left is how happy you were to run to her and leave me behind.

But the thing that breaks my heart the most is how totally insignificant I feel right now.

And I feel plenty insignificant all on my own lately.

We were supposed to be a team.

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