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deal breaker

Thursday, Apr. 12, 2007
I was right in waiting.

All it took was a little Modest Mouse and a crisis of real life proportions.

We talked it out. Talked about how to fix the real life problem and I figured out what our problems have stemmed from.

I really was not crazy. He has been in avoidance of a lot of things the last few months and I feel like after our 3 hour talk last night things are once again falling into place.

I almost broke. Almost.

The thing that broke him a few days ago, the thing that snapped in his brain was something I said when I was talking about his emotional absence from my life. He said, "don't worry, it's not like I'm talking to anyone else." And I responded, "the minute I am like everyone else is the minute we are done."

I finally realized I do have a breaking point. I do have a deal breaker.

And I know him so well. I didn't freak out about the latest crisis. I didn't yell at him or make him feel guilty. I helped him figure out how to solve him and let him know that once we clean up all our messes from all of our previous lives we will be so much better fit to be together when the time comes.

Everything is falling into place.

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