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Saturday, Oct. 14, 2006
I need to win the lotto. The number one stress in my life is money. This is part of the reason I want to sell my house and rent. I will make a lot of money having been here for 6 years and have put a few dollars into it fixing it up. I've paid a good chunk of it off, so with the sale of the house I could pay back all the money I owe my mother and still have plenty enough for a years worth of rent and food.

The problem with moving is the dogs. They are good dogs who do not destroy houses, but getting someone to let you bring two big dogs onto their property is going to be tricky. Jacob wants to live in the city. I just don't see how this will work with three dogs. It's a lot easier to get a house that will allow dogs than an apartment.

So, if I just wait a little long. Get my credit score back up after my total broke ass fucked it up last year, then I could buy a house.

I just can never get ahead. Today's "fuck me in the ass" comes from my eroding front porch with water damage and mold growing in the basement. Why this room even exists in the basement I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure someone was tortured in there. I should take pictures.

The new guy moving in found it when he was cleaning out the room he and his girlfriend/wife (long story) are turning into a master bedroom for an extra $250/month. Luckily he has friends who do concrete work, so it won't cost me as much as I thought, but still. I'm scraping together enought to do it and live for the next couple of weeks. The best part is how I can't send my mother any money this month now. I feel so shitty about it.

And really, if the powers that be in L.A. Unified hadn't screwed my mother over, none of this would be an issue right now.

I need to put my nose to the pavement and do my job better than I have ever done my job. I need to make more money in the next few months than I could ever imagine. Cuz, you have to play the lotto to win the lotto.

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