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I want life in every word to the extent that it's absurd.

we'll see

Friday, Jun. 02, 2006
You might be right.

I may not be unique.

I may leave you like all the rest.

I don't know what happened to you in the last week, but some kind of virus has spread through your soul.

Your words are no longer filled with love and longing. You are no longer planning our future.

You tell me you are emotionally unavailable. I wonder then who has been inhabiting your body for the last six months and where he went.

You tell me we are not in a relationship. I tell you that won't work for me. You tell me I've changed the rules.

"We weren't in each other's lives for 6 years and now we have each other again. We can't ever again not be with each other. We are in each other's lives for a reason."

"I do not doubt that," I reply.

It's sad funny because I want you to go to rehab and then I never want to speak to you again. I feel like I can't leave you now because you are too unstable. And yet, maybe the man you becomes is the man I'll want to spend forever with. And maybe I won't be the girl you think you should spend forever with anymore. Regardless, I become more and more certain everyday that this will not last forever.

"We'll see," you say.

"We'll see," I reply.

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