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think with my heart and not with my head

Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2006
In the absolute craziness that is my life I finally made a choice tonight. I officially submitted my resume to an educational publishing company outside of Chicago.

This is big. This is really big.

At first I didn't think I had a chance in hell, but then I found my resume from 5 years ago and am actually pretty qualified for the job. I forgot everything I'd done before I started my business.

I need some stability in my life. Having a job with a consistent paycheck and health insurance would be a start. Plus I'd be closer to my IL family and still close enough to Milwaukee to come up on the occassional weekend. I'd also be closer to go to Northwestern for grad school or pursue directing gigs in Chicago.

Jacob decided he's moving to Portland since I couldn't make a decision involving him. He's still trying to persuade me to move there with him, but I just don't feel safe in that choice.

This choice is still scary, but much more safe.

I wonder if I'll ever again make less safe decisions. I wonder if I'll ever think with my heart and not with my head.

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