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NYE 2005

Tuesday, Jan. 03, 2006
I'd show you pictures, but I lost my camera somewhere along the way.

What breaks my heart the most is there's this picture of Colin and I together and it's the sweetest picture ever. Actually, I don't know what breaks my heart more--that I lost my camera or that we take the sweetest picture ever together when we are not together.

He told me how beautiful I am. He told me all the things I've wanted him to tell me.

Except, he told me he was not having sex with the girl everyone knows he's having sex with just after I see him making out with her. I sent him a text message standing 10 feet away from him that said, "Don't lie to me. Handle your scandal."

All of this happening sometime around 5:30/6 A.M.

Honestly, though I had fun--it was pretty much like any other Saturday night. Except that we all drank until the sun rose legally in bars.

My New Year's Resolution is to be 100% done with him.

Boys. Blech.

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