It's just life
I want life in every word to the extent that it's absurd.

Maybe everyone is wrong.

Thursday, Jun. 02, 2005
She wanders around aimlessly looking for something as yet defined.
Questions of the day: should I stay or should I go? Have I failed if I leave? Will you even miss me?
She wants him to say, "don't go--stay," or maybe even, "i'll come with you."
She doesn't know why he's in her thoughts so much. All indicators point to: RUN FAR AWAY! But she doesn't.
She makes plans weeks ahead of time. Subtlely luring him back to her. Though sometimes she just wants to scream, "I love you! Come back!"
It's his smile, his touch, his mouth, his sex. She has yet to find a comparable partner.
Everyone says to wait. Everyone says someone new will come around. Everyone says he's not worth her time. Everyone says maybe it's chemical.
Maybe everyone is wrong.
Her therapist is trying to provide her with healthy obsessions. She likes them, thinks they'll work. There are numbers involved which excites her.
But still--he lurks in the inbetween times.
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