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my Big

Monday, Nov. 08, 2004
Maybe if I get this all out of my head I can stop thinking about it.

Why did he call me?!? I cannot remember the last time we spoke on the phone, much less the last time he called me. I mean, years, literally.

I saw him on Halloween and he had the intense, "you are the center of my world," look in his eyes while we were talking. Ignored everyone else around us, including his girlfriend who blatantly rolled her eyes at the two of us when I waved to her as she stood behind him. He didn't even pause to turn around. I left shortly after that because I don't need that drama. I try to stay clear of it.

My sister says, "He loves you!" If he loved me than he wouldn't be with her. If he loved me he wouldn't torture me like this.

Because it's not just that he called but that he wanted me to come have a drink with him. I think it's probably best I didn't have my mobile phone with me.

And why does he still conjur up such intense emotion in me? Why can't I just be done with him?

He's my Big, that's why.

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