It's just life
I want life in every word to the extent that it's absurd.

stupid boys

Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2004
Everything is really okay. I'm learning how to really be in the now (so cliche I know).
I've quit smoking. I'm on day 3 and I'm going crazy.
C.J. and I are working on communicating better with each other when something upsets us. He's not my boyfriend. I don't know exactly why he's trying to make me fall in love with him, but somedays I feel it working and it pisses me off. Saturday he drove 30 minutes out of his way to bring me a book because I forgot mine and I was bored at a conference.
He's a liar and he manipulates people--I've pointed both of these out to him. Somedays I think it's because I'm the only girl in the history of C.J. that hasn't instantly fallen in love with him that motivates him.
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