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my myspace post: Another day with the cable company

Wednesday, Sept. 01, 2004
Changes that are taking place in your home, Rachel, could cause some temporary frustration that can create some tense nerves on the part of family members. Perhaps you're moving, or refurnishing, or trying to do a complete and thorough cleaning, and everyone is getting into everyone else's way. The best way to handle this situation is just to try to get the job done as quickly as possible. Once it's done tempers will subside, and all will be well.

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I had horrible bizarre dreams last night about terrorists, casinos, and my california. I say "my california" because what I dream about is not at all reality. My parents have this "other" house I go to in my dreams that's very close to the beach, yet in a woodsy area. Last night in the dream we couldn't go to the other house and I didn't understand why Maggie and I couldn't live there. Luckily I made it to CA before the terrorist attacks happened (or maybe it was that I couldn't leave, I don't remember).

Basically all the electricity was going to go out all over the world like in "Until the End of the World," which I really want to see again and you can only get on VHS, but I digress. And my friend, Cindy, her brother was killed and I remember seeing it on the Internet--a whole list of people who were killed because of the war/current terrorist attacks all over the world. And then I go to see Cindy and they are having this crazy funeral for him--I mean like Circus style. She had branded her breasts for the occassion--I am telling you crazy, crazy shit. I didn't even get into the casino part, but I don't know if I can even explain it.

I was woken up by the cable company, "a technician is on his way," way call. I am in tha half dream, half sleep state and the current crappy weather outside is not helping me to snap out of it.

I believe this dream occurred for several reasons:

1. My dad and I were watching the Republican convention so we could laugh and point fingers--though really it just made us nauseous--and that can fuck with anyone's head.

2. We were changing out the receptacles in the living room from two prong to the grounded three prong (hense the electricity).

3. I, of course, watched Alias before I went to sleep again (hense terrorists).

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