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Friday, Aug. 20, 2004
I'm not quite right today.

Had an excellent day yesterday--Cubs/Brewers game with Brian, watching movies and doing an incredibly difficult puzzle, going out and laughing hysterically and having small world moments.

But I forgot that I only ate one sandwich all day and got drunk very quickly. Had an, "I need to be home right now," moment and left when I shouldn't have been driving, but everyone else was drunk so there was no one to hold me accountable and I was very "no, no, I can drive" convincingly sober. Got on the freeway and realized I should take the back roads home.

I hate when I do that. I hate when I drive like that. It happens very rarely and I can't honestly remember the last time I did that. Usually I'm very good about taking a cab home when I'm drunk. Thank goodness nothing bad happened and I made it home okay.

I did something I maybe shouldn't have done this morning. I told Julie I didn't understand her attraction to C.J. anymore, because he was so horrible to her. She's all messed up in the head now and I didn't mean any harm by it. Normally, I stay out of people's heads, but she did thank me for helping her to see the situation more clearly.

I did also tell her that I thought it was possible for them to be friends, but that the boundaries needed to be clearly established. She wants him in her life and I certainly can't tell her that's wrong. I both adore and loathe him as well.

I'm still obsessing about the Cubs player. He really, truly is the first guy in a very long time where I thought, "yeah, I could date you."

But, I know the trust issue would definitely be an issue.

I really wish I had given him my phone number.

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