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I want life in every word to the extent that it's absurd.

will life always be this crazy.

Monday, Aug. 02, 2004
So, the last few days have been filled with craziness. And I'm up this late because I've been "so busy" I forgot to do these presentations for this stupid sales meeting tomorrow. No worries though. I threw 'em together and they'll be good enough. If I ever use them I'll spiff them up.

Onto the list without editorial:

Tuesday: got my haircut, went to the Lionel Ritchie concert (f'ing awesome), met C.J., Erinn, her boyfriend--Andy, J.T., and Brian at Hi-Hat. Went ate pizza, drank beer, and went bowling at Landmark. Met Maggie and Megan at Taylor's. Silly fun making fun of Cubs players. Breakfast at Omega. Call from Colin at 3:30 A.M. wanting to know if I wanted him to come over to "play cards." I declined. He went to the casino.

Wednesday night:

Went to Cans with Maggie, C.J., Erinn, and then met Brian and his high school crush a little later. Left to go to Taylor's to see Julie. Laughed a lot, talked about scary movies. At bar time met some guy and went on to his boat. Made out with him. He wanted more. Didn't want to do more. Maggie freaked out. Nick called and Maggie and I met he and Colin at the Casino. They each lost $100 by the time we got there. Went over to some chicks apartment where Nick tried to get me to do Coke, but I declined. Maggie freaked out. Went to Nick's apartment. Nick and Maggie made out. I freaked out. Did like 7 shots of Patron. Tried to make out with Colin, but he wouldn't for various reasons like, "we're in Nick's apartment." Got home at 8 A.M. Called C.J. and told him about my night. Slept all day. on Thursday.

Thursday: after waking up at like 5 P.M., slowly got ready, went over to Nick's to pick up Maggie's purse and my wallet, stopped at Jen's so Maggie could shave her armpits, went to Thursday Night Drinking Club at Rosie's. Band good. People boring. Went with Amber & Maggie to Taylor's. Fairly uneventful night. Saw Joe Crawford and told him I wanted to hang out with him more, especially when the baseball season was over. Wanted to make out with him the rest of the night, but he was hanging out with some of the Brewers players and I felt all self-conscious. Not to mention I'm not sure if he's married or not. Stopped at Jimmy John's to get some grub. Crashed hard.

Friday: slept most of the day, i don't remember much else, went to Brewer's games--tickets very close to field, stopped at Casino for a short while because traffic was bad, picked up Modest Mouse tickets from Julie's mailbox. Went home and crashed.

Saturday: bank, lunch, nap, put together new patio furniture (or rather tried to help Maggie and Larissa, but was really of no use because I get easily frustrated--much better at bossing people around), sat on patio furniture yapping, cooked yummy steaks on the grill, lost track of time talking, realized how sad I'll be when Larissa and Maggie both leave, got ready, went to Modest Mouse and met Brian, Lissa, Belinda and Lissay's sister--Anne, remembered how much I hate the Eagle's Ballroom, left early, went to Taylor's, fairly uneventful night, met Larissa out, she and Maggie=very drunk, after-bar plans tentatively made with Nick and Matt, went to Ma Fischer's for breakfast, talked to Nick, plans sketchy, everyone tired went home and crashed.

Sunday: slept until 10:30 A.M., slowly made my way out of bed, showered, got ready, went to Brunch with Julie, Maggie, Melissa and Tami met us later after she woke up at Colin's house and got her ass there. Dished and discussed and drank too much. Came home. Sat outside talking about how I was procrastinating. Took nap. Woke up when C.J. called. Grilled hot dogs and bratwurst. Sat outside until fear of mosquitos overcame us. Came inside and watched Dead Like Me. Worked on presentations. Talked on phone about presentations. Watched Entourage. And since then I've finished 2 presentations and updated my myspace page.

rock on.

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